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Welcome all real estate professionals! I want to express my continuing commitment to an unprecedented level of service to you. I hope my web site will serve as a reference tool for you.

I appreciate all of your referrals, and I understand the importance of personal customer service for you and your clients. Please feel free to call with any questions or comments, or to discuss specific scenarios. I look forward to working with you!

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Buyers and sellers in the twenty first century have high expectations. When shopping, buyers want home info instantaneously, and they don’t want to have to fight through a sales person to get it. Sellers want to know how many people are looking at their home, how often, and what they think. Basically, they want the same conveniences and gratifications they get in nearly all of their other shopping experiences.

The Real Estate Pros who deliver that experience are the ones who will grow in the years to come. SikkU puts the technology in your hands to enable you to be one of the ones who can.

First, you may want to check the system out from your buyers point of view:

Once you see the value of SikkU from your customers’ perspectives, take a look at how the system works for you in How Does SikkU Work, below. Then make sure your area is covered by looking at the coverage map. If SikkU isn’t available in your area yet, it’s simple to get it turned on through your local real estate association.

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Features and Benefits

Additional Benefits for Premium Subscribers

What Does SikkU Do?

SikkU connects together into a mini-network all of the participants in the home buying process–home buyers, home sellers, and real estate, mortgage, title and escrow professionals–making the process of buying and selling each home easier, faster and more enjoyable. Of course, the only way to really make this happen is to provide communication and information tools everywhere people are, whether they are at home, at work, or out driving or walking around with their mobile phones. SikkU covers all the bases, delivering each customer and professional in each transaction all the information they may want or need, whever they are, whenever they need it.

How Does SikkU Work?

Read how SikkU works for your buyers, and you will start to see where you fit in. SikkU works differently for buyer’s agents and seller’s agents, but either way, it is focused on working with a person shoppig for a home.

Take a look at how the system works from each of the Real Estate Pro perspectives:

3 Ways to Use SikkU, All Working Together

SMS Text Platform SMS Text Platform SMS Text Platform
SMS Text
(using 74558)
Mobile Website

Access SikkU from your home or office computers, from your mobile phone through SMS Text or through your mobile web browser. They all work together to provide you with information and communication you need from anywhere, anytime.


Account Type Description Price/Mo.
Professional Basic Full Feature Service: Unlimited use of Text,, Free
Professional Premium Premium Service: Unlimited use of Text,, Website plus Premium Features of Invite Codes and New Lead Pool. $9.99
Advertising Advertise directly to buyers and sellers through SikkU Sponsorship. Contact Us
Corporate For large teams and companies, use SikkU Corporate. Contact Us

Get Started… Text TOBIAS to 84853 (It’s free and anyone can join)